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Installing Wordpress and getting the basic settings straight was, all and all, a relatively painless experience. One downside of choosing this particular blogging platform is that I now have to run a MySQL server just for this purpose (I have no intention to use MySQL for anything else as I have actively tried to steer away from RDBMSs, even before this whole "NoSQL" thing became fashionable). I would've preferred to be able to run Wordpress on top of an SQLite backend, just because that would've kept things one step simpler, but I just could not get the "PDO (SQLite) For WordPress" adapter to work with a reasonable amount of work, so I gave up and went ahead with a MySQL server install. So it's a tradeoff (what isn't?) but with all these plugins and stuff and whatnot that this system supports I think it's a pretty good deal. I went through the old posts at and imported what I thought I might find useful at least to some extent. Unsurprisingly not too many of the old posts fall to this category. Then again, the old blog is titled Code Notebook. The old posts did not "just work" in all places, a quick eyeballing revealed some glitches that need to be ironed out. I installed the following plugins in addition to what was bundled:

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