Berkeley DB XML Python basics

In an earlier post a C++ snippet can be found where a DB XML container was created (or opened if already exists) and a document read from stdin was put into that container. That same snippet done in Python is pretty much identical:

from bsddb3.db import *
from dbxml import *

uc = mgr.createUpdateContext()

        cont = mgr.openContainer("testcontainer.dbxml", DB_CREATE|DBXML_ALLOW_VALIDATION, XmlContainer.WholedocContainer)
        doc = mgr.createDocument()
        input = mgr.createStdInInputStream()
        cont.putDocument(doc, uc, DBXML_GEN_NAME)

except XmlException, inst:
        print "XmlException (", inst.ExceptionCode,"): ", inst.What
        if inst.ExceptionCode == DATABASE_ERROR:
                print "Database error code:",inst.DBError

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